Who is my Broker?


Before I tell you who my broker is, let me reiterate that the information I’ve placed on this website is from my own knowledge – read my disclaimer.  Even though some of these strategies and information originated with my broker, it has been through the quagmire that is my brain – this means that I could have completely blown the concept.  Moreover, some information was culled from other sources and I didn’t even have the decency to consult with my broker about its validity (ignorance is bliss?  perhaps not with investments...) Finally, always keep in mind that the “right” strategy for one person is not the “right” strategy for another person.


Having covered my ass (and that of my broker), here is a shameless plug for the firm.  Ragen MacKenzie, Inc., an investment firm based in Seattle, Washington, has served me exceptionally well (and also many of my colleagues).  More specifically, Perry Atkins (who handles my account) has shown infinite patience dealing with my questions and guiding my investments.  Software engineers (or engineers in general, I presume) are not an easy lot to deal with – we are painfully curious about details and we often require way more information on the internal workings of a market strategy than your average investor.  Perry has always had the information and the patience to go over it (not to mention some pretty good investments). [before you ask, no, I won’t tell you which investments – if you want to know, call Perry]